Are endoscopies safe? When conducted by certified medical professionals, endoscopic procedures are totally safe but may leave patients with soreness and other mild, but very short-term side effects.

Endoscopes are used to look inside the human body, giving doctors and medical professionals a clear view of organs, bones, and other tissue without having to slice you open from head to toe. The first endoscope was developed over a hundred and twenty years ago, which in itself is a testament to how crucial they are to saving lives.

How It Works

How do endoscopes work? A surgeon makes a small incision near the area that needs scoping and inserts the medical device underneath the tissue. Endoscopes are made of long tubes with cameras attached to the end, enabling doctors to probe deeply inside the body while also remaining minimally invasive. Is an endoscopy a surgery? Yes! An endoscopic surgery is also commonly known as a minimally-invasive surgery, or MIS for short.

What Are They For?

Endoscopes are used to investigate internal symptoms, especially in the digestive system. They are also used to diagnose conditions, most commonly by performing a biopsy to check for conditions such as anemia, inflammation, or cancer. They can also be used to cauterize bleeding vessels, widening a narrow esophagus, or removing polyps and foreign objects.

Parts You Can Scope

So, what are the different types of “oscopy”? Endoscopes aren’t just used to check out gastrointestinal symptoms. You can use a scope to look at body parts like:

  • Nose (rhinoscopy)
  • Respiratory tract (bronchoscopy)
  • Ear (octoscopy)
  • Urinary tract (cystoscopy)
  • Female reproductive system (gynoscopy)
  • Orthopedic surgery
  • Fetoscopies and amnioscopies for pregnancy
  • Endoscopic spinal surgery
  • And countless more!

It’s important that endoscopes are in the utmost condition when being used in the surgical theatre. Scopes are often damaged over time through normal wear and tear, and can develop rips in the rubber hosing, clogged air or water nozzles, bent or buckled insertion tubes, and damage to optical fibres. It’s critical to keep your equipment in functional order to minimize risks and maximize patient recovery chances. Replacing damaged endoscopes with brand new ones can cost thousands upon thousands of dollars, and while necessary to save lives, it doesn’t necessarily have to be that expensive

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