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Endoscope Cleaner

Scopetech Promotes confidence in a completely thorough scope clean prior to the automated wash process.



Endoscope Cleaner

Prioritize and keep your medical equipment sterile with endoscope cleaner.

Endoscope Cleaner

Scopetech Scope Cleaning

The Scopetech unit removes and eases the process of the manual scope cleaning and completely removes the risk of ' repetitive strain injury' that could occur through the Syringing of the surgical tools. This Promotes confidence in a completely thorough scope clean prior to the automated wash process.

An in built detergent pump leak tester and thermometer simplify the process and provide an 'easy to use' system to comply with current guidance.

  • Remove the need of manually syringing of scopes and the possibility of repetitive strain injury by providing you with an easy to use automated system
  • Low voltage unit eliminating possible health and safety concerns
  • In built detergent pump giving accurate dispense using 'flow meter' technology
  • In built leak tester with adjustable output to suit individual scope manufacturers pressure settings
  • Temperature monitor incorporated to ensure optimum product temperature is achieved
  • Traceability as per CFP 1-06 guidelines for leak testing and the manual wash process
  • USB connectivity offering easy input and retrieval of scope data
  • Incorporates user names and scope barcode numbers for traceability
  • Built in Clense cycle to eliminate contamination risks
  • Minimises AER failures by providing a thorough first stage clean
  • Used in conjunction with the Serchem product range offers a simplistic easy to use manual clean process
Endoscope Cleaner
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Endoscope Cleaner  Endoscope Cleaner

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