Scopetech Promotes confidence in a completely thorough scope clean prior to the automated wash process.

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Does Endoscope Reprocessing Help Keep Patients Safe?

Keeping your medical equipment sterile with endoscope reprocessing is the best (and cheapest) way to ensure your patients’ health and safety. Scopetech’s automatic endoscope cleaner system promotes confidence in a completely thorough sterilization process. The automatic endoscope cleaning procedure begins by dismantling the scope before cleaning it entirely with an endoscope autoclave. 70° endoscopes, as well as 0° and 30° scopes, are entirely autoclavable. After the scope has been sterilized, new parts are added as needed. Endoscope reprocessing steps are relatively simple and repairing your scopes will save you thousands of dollars.

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What Do Scopetech Autoclaves Feature?

Some of the incredible features that Scopetech autoclaves have include:

  • Remove the need of manually syringing of scopes and the possibility of repetitive strain injury by providing you with an easy to use an automated system
  • Low voltage unit eliminating possible health and safety concerns
  • Built-in detergent pump giving accurate dispense using ‘flow meter’ technology
  • Built-in leak tester with adjustable output to suit individual scope manufacturers pressure settings
  • Temperature monitor incorporated to ensure optimum product temperature is achieved
  • Traceability as per CFP 1-06 guidelines for leak testing and the manual wash process
  • USB connectivity offering easy input and retrieval of scope data
  • Incorporates user names and scope barcode numbers for traceability
  • Built-in cleanse cycle to eliminate contamination risks
  • Minimizes AER failures by providing a thorough first stage clean
  • Used in conjunction with the Serchem product range offers a simplistic easy to use manual clean process
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