Olympus BF-1T180 Video Bronchoscope

The Olympus BF-1T180 Video Bronchoscope (T: therapeutic) is certified to factory specifications and is in excellent condition.

Warranty: 90 Days Parts and Labor.

Expand your therapeutic capabilities when performing bronchoscopy by utilizing a bronchovideoscope that accommodates a wide range of EndoTherapy accessories. Olympus is pleased to offer you the BF-1T180 – our top-of-the-line therapeutic bronchoscope with a generous 3.0 mm channel diameter that may improve your functionality in the procedure room.

The Olympus BF-1T180 is part of the EVIS EXERA II platform, so you are able to take advantage of Narrow Band Imaging technology, which enhances visualization of the capillary network and mucosal surfaces.

Olympus BF-1T180 Video Bronchoscope Features:

  • An increased 3.0 mm diameter channel allows you to expand your therapeutic options by accommodating a wider variety of EndoTherapy accessories and increasing suction capability when a device is passed through.
  • Insertion tube diameter has not been compromised and still measures a mere 6.0 mm in diameter.
  • Revolutionary CCD design for high quality image reproduction allows you to see more and search less.
  • The scope ID function stores individual scope and patient information and displays it on the monitor to help facilitate smooth case management in the procedure room.
  • Fully compatible with Olympus CV-180, CV-160, and CV-140 video processors.
  • Compatible with laser treatment as well as Olympus electrosurgery devices.