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Olympus BF-3C160 EVIS EXERA Video Bronchoscope

The Olympus BF-3C160 EVIS EXERA Video Bronchoscope is in excellent condition and certified to proper operating specifications.

Warranty: 90 Days Parts and Labor.

The EVIS EXERA BF-3C160 Bronchovideoscope features the slimmest insertion tube diameter available in a videoscope. At a diameter of just 3.8 mm, it allows deeper insertion into the bronchi. Advanced CCD miniaturization technology generates crystal-clear and high-resolution video images without loss of quality. A working channel of 1.2 mm allows use of instruments for biopsy and provides excellent suction capability.

Olympus BF-3C160 EVIS EXERA Video Bronchoscope Benefits:

  • Ultrathin Insertion Tube: The slender 3.8 mm insertion tube enables insertion into the depths of the bronchial tree while the 1.2 mm working channel supports diagnostic bronchoscopy procedures, such as BAL, cytology brushing, and mini-forceps biopsy.
  • Advanced CCD Color Chip Technology: The advanced CCD color chip technology in the BF-3C160 generates brilliant video images, making diagnostic procedures in thin lumina easier.
  • Efficient Reprocessing Workflows: The BF-3C160 can be embedded in current cleaning and disinfection workflows, supporting full traceability and documentation of all reprocessing relevant phases.