Olympus CF-HQ190L/I EVIS EXERA III Colonovideoscope

The Olympus CF-HQ190L/I EVIS EXERA III Colonovideoscope (H: high definition, Q: full screen) is in excellent condition and certified to proper operating specifications.

Warranty: 90 Days – Parts and Labor.

The EVIS EXERA III CF-HQ190L/I Colonovideoscope utilizes an advanced dual focus optical system and Narrow Band Imaging (NBI) to produce clear, bright images for observation. Unique Responsive Insertion Technology (RIT) ensures ease of insertion and excellent scope handling during a complete colonoscopy.

Olympus CF-HQ190L/I EVIS EXERA III Colonovideoscope Benefits:

  • Optimal Depth of Field at the Touch of a Button: Dual Focus, an Olympus optical innovation, allows the user to select between two focus settings to achieve the desired depth of field for optimal observation.
  • Brighter, more Powerful Imaging: Narrow Band Imaging (NBI) now delivers significantly increased brightness, providing twice the view-able distance compared to earlier scope models.
  • Smoother, more Comfortable Insertions: Responsive Insertion Technology (RIT) combines three proprietary insertion tube technologies to facilitate complete colonoscopies by improving scope handling, insertability, and ergonomics.
  • Easier Setup: A new waterproof connector design minimizes the effort required for setup prior to and in between cases and eliminates the need for a water-resistant cap.
Channel Width
3.7 mm
Working Length L
1680 mm
Working Length I
1330 mm
Field of View
Normal 170°, Near 160°
Direction of View
Forward Viewing
Depth of Field
Normal 5 - 100mm, Near 2 - 6mm
Outer Diameter
13.2 mm
Outer Diameter Insertion Tube
12.8 mm
Max Angulation Up
Max Angulation Down
Max Angulation Right
Max Angulation Left