Olympus GIF-H180J EVIS EXERA II Gastroscope

The Olympus GIF-H180J EVIS EXERA II Gastroscope (H: high definition) is in excellent condition and certified to proper operating specifications.

Warranty: 90 Days Parts and Labor.

The EVIS EXERA II GIF-H180J Gastroscope offers the best combination of image quality and convenience in an upper GI scope. With its ultra-high-quality HDTV image and support for Narrow Band Imaging (NBI), as well as its close focus optical system, the GIF-H180J excels in terms of image quality. What sets the GIF-H180J apart from other HDTV gastroscopes is the addition of a forward water jet function in a 9.9 mm outer diameter scope, giving endoscopists the ultimate in convenience and clinical value for EGD procedures.

Olympus GIF-H180J EVIS EXERA II Gastroscope Benefits:

  • Superior Image Quality and Observation: An HDTV-compatible CCD chip delivers sharp images to help physicians provide accurate screening and diagnosis, and a close focus optical system allows detailed observation without electronic magnification.
  • Narrow Band Imaging: NBI capabilities enhance observation of capillary and mucosal structures.
  • Forward Water Jet: An auxiliary water channel flushes out blood and mucus inside the upper gastrointestinal tract, helping to ensure a clear view at all times.
  • Slim Design: With a 9.9 mm diameter distal end and insertion tube, the scope delivers excellent insertion capability.
Channel Width
2.8 mm
Working Length
103 cm
Field of View
Direction of View
Forward viewing
Depth of Field
2 - 100 mm
Outer Diameter
9.9 mm
Outer Diameter Insertion Tube
9.9 mm
Max Angulation Up
Max Angulation Down
Max Angulation Right
Max Angulation Left